Thursday, 21 of September of 2017

AB Controls Now One of the Leading Contract Manufacturing Companies for Precision and Performance

Sep 21, 2017 – Irvine, CA-based automation specialist, AB Controls is now leading the market as one of the top local contract manufacturing companies. The firm is adept at turning complex concepts into tangible reality, harnessing mechanical, systems and software expertise to complete refined manufacturing processes. The company is known for creating instruments and devices in a consolidated timeframe using 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to ensure high level precision within their manufacturing work. Read more »

Discover More on the Pipetting Robot

In order to complete testing work more efficiently, companies are now implementing automated solutions to their most common testing challenges. The pipetting robot is one of the latest solutions offered to help drive productivity within testing procedures. Within this latest post, our AB Controls team details more on the pipetting robot and its many benefits. Read more »

Why You Need To Take Advantage of an Automated Titration System

Ensuring universal accuracy throughout manufacturing and production is essential to your company. However, whenever the human element is involved, it can often result in variances of a final product.

Using visual and manual inspections in production may result in slight variations of a product, especially when multiple technicians and employees are involved.  To best avoid these variations within production, an automated Titration system is needed. Read more »

What is Laboratory Automation Systems?

In recent years, you may have heard the term “laboratory automation solutions” referenced rather frequently. You may have already implemented some solutions without even knowing about it.

While the entire development of laboratory automation focuses around improving the process within your facility, understanding what laboratory automation solutions is and how it can improve productivity within your lab is a must. Read more »

How to Select an Automation Systems Integrator?

More and more companies are turning to robotics automation to revolutionize their manufacturing processes, thanks to their reliability while reducing manpower needs.  However, properly implementing and integrating robotics into an existing system can be an overwhelming challenge.

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Five Key Factors When Choosing Between Automated Test Equipment

For many companies designing and implementing products with highly complicated and intricate electronic components, automated test equipment (ATE) can make or break the cost-effectiveness of both products and post-sale support.

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An Introductory Guide to Choosing Contract Manufacturing Companies

Contract manufacturing companies perform an essential function in today’s globalized economy. They enable companies to focus on producing their core product while experts help to manufacture equipment to automate and simplify systems and process. And so, it’s important to choose the most qualified organizationto help on your next project. Read more »

Four Questions to Ask Potential System Integration Companies

Systems integration work is critical in ensuring all devices work in unison toward the company’s common goal. Manufacturing firms often struggle in pairing systems together. That’s why many are now turning to specialist system integration companies for guidance. Read more »

4 Challenges Resolved by Using Laboratory Automation Solutions

Automation technology is revolutionizing many marketplaces. It allows organizations to reallocate resources and empower their leading team members to achieve higher levels of productivity. For those just learning more on the area of laboratory automation systems, it’s important to gain an understanding on their role on the lab and their work in mitigating multiple challenges that lab teams face each workday. In this latest post, we’ll highlight four of the challenges resolved by laboratory automation solutions. Read more »

The 4 Benefits of Working with Automated Test Equipment Companies

Automated test equipment companies are now helping improve the validity of testing results for a broad range of organizations throughout the globe. But one of the challenges within the marketplace is that few business leaders have a comprehensive understanding on the role of automated test equipment companies and the equipment these firms offer for working environment. To help guide business owners, we’re highlighting the full range of benefits supported by partnering with automated test equipment companies, in this latest post. Read more »