Wednesday, 19 of September of 2018

Laboratory Automation and Testing

A lot of the operations in a laboratory are geared towards performing tests. Some examples are particle counting, titration (moisture determination) or PH tests.

Chemical testing is a time-consuming affair. Steps leading to the test, the test itself and post operations are time-consuming, prone to mistakes and causing repetitive action injuries to operators.

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How to Measure Return on Investment in Automated Test Equipment

Investopedia defines ROI as a performance measure for evaluating efficiency of an investment.

ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment.

However, I must say that this might be an oversimplification.

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What Makes AB Controls One of the Leading System Integration Companies

Enabling complex systems to work in unison as part of a manufacturing process is a task few firms have the capacity to handle alone. And yet with so many new technologies available, many operating independently, company leaders are often faced with the challenge of building a manufacturing solution using asynchronized devices and systems. It’s why so many are now working with our experts at AB Controls. In this latest post, we’ll explain how we’ve become one of the most trusted system integration companies in the industry. Read more »

Three Tips for Handling Unsupported Test Equipment with Automated Services

One of the most common challenges throughout the industrial marketplace is the inability to effectively test products before bringing them to market. Obsolete or otherwise unsupported test equipment can stall the progress of a product development and limit the ROI for the company. And so it’s important to find alternative testing options. In this latest post, we’ll present three tips for handling unsupported test equipment with automated services.

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13 Considerations to Make When Choosing Automated Test Equipment

Automated test equipment can help reduce testing costs and ensure that lab teams are focused on their important roles within the facility.  They can help drive productivity and maximize efficiency within the working process.  But before investing in automated test equipment, it’s important to know the elements that comprise the ideal system for your unique firm. In this latest post, we’ll explore 13 considerations to make when choosing automated test equipment. Read more »

5 Benefits of Laboratory Automation Solutions

Laboratory teams are continually looking for ways to better improve their productivity and maximize the long-term value of their testing work.  Many companies are now choosing laboratory automation solutions to boost their work and maximize the efficiency of their testing processes.  Our team at AB Controls has many years of experience building and integrating the latest laboratory automation solutions, and in this latest post, we’ll explore more on their benefits and practical applications. Read more »

AB Controls Now One of the Leading Contract Manufacturing Companies for Precision and Performance

Sep 21, 2017 – Irvine, CA-based automation specialist, AB Controls is now leading the market as one of the top local contract manufacturing companies. The firm is adept at turning complex concepts into tangible reality, harnessing mechanical, systems and software expertise to complete refined manufacturing processes. The company is known for creating instruments and devices in a consolidated timeframe using 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to ensure high level precision within their manufacturing work. Read more »

Discover More on the Pipetting Robot

In order to complete testing work more efficiently, companies are now implementing automated solutions to their most common testing challenges. The pipetting robot is one of the latest solutions offered to help drive productivity within testing procedures. Within this latest post, our AB Controls team details more on the pipetting robot and its many benefits. Read more »

Why You Need To Take Advantage of an Automated Titration System

Ensuring universal accuracy throughout manufacturing and production is essential to your company. However, whenever the human element is involved, it can often result in variances of a final product.

Using visual and manual inspections in production may result in slight variations of a product, especially when multiple technicians and employees are involved.  To best avoid these variations within production, an automated Titration system is needed. Read more »

What is Laboratory Automation Systems?

In recent years, you may have heard the term “laboratory automation solutions” referenced rather frequently. You may have already implemented some solutions without even knowing about it.

While the entire development of laboratory automation focuses around improving the process within your facility, understanding what laboratory automation solutions is and how it can improve productivity within your lab is a must. Read more »