Top 10 Challenges and Our Solution in Laboratory Testing Automation – Part 1

  • Laboratory teams are continually looking for ways to improve their productivity and maximize the long-term value of their testing work.  Many companies are now choosing laboratory automation solutions to boost their work and maximize the efficiency of their testing processes.  Our team at AB Controls has many years of experience building and integrating the latest laboratory automation solutions, and find the right approach to any of the challenges mentioned here; call us today to start a conversation regarding your current challenges and how to conquer them with proven records and expertise.

    Let’s review these challenges and our solutions together:

    1. Defining the scope of automation

    Defining the scope of automation, when to end the automation, when to start the next one, how big or small the functionality should be, it is stiff realization. By asking the right questions, feasibility studies, comprehensive research, simple but effective interviews, meetings and questionnaires from the beginning, we draw a clear understanding of the scope of the project:

    • What degree of test automation coverage do you need?
    • What are the client’s priorities?
    • Does every function in the application, need a corresponding test?
    • Does every application need a full end to end automation suite?
    • Do we need just to automate the core functionality?

    These questions help us to create a clear image of the scope of automation and how far we need to go to cover the functions.

    1. Understanding client needs and expectations

    Sometimes the expectations of End-Users can totally vary from the developers, so understanding client feedback can often be one of the most essential things an application developer can do. Testers can also learn a great deal from this client feedback, and thus build better scripts to map actual user interactions with greater precision.

    1. Clear communication between all stakeholders

    Have a clear communication between all stakeholders involved to discuss the important details about the project is essential. All communication must be documented and easily to find at the time of discussion.

    1. Understanding the testing process
      • Selecting the right tools to do the job
      • Selecting a proper testing approach

    Call AB Controls for more details

    1. Optimizing the use of testing resources
      • Filling the gap for skilled resources
      • Writing reusable scripts
      • Documenting steps
      • Constant debugging and updating of testing process, changes and scripts
      • Updating automation test cases

    Call AB Controls for more details

    1. Controlling the project’s life cycle
      • Controlling the cost
      • Controlling the change of orders
      • Controlling the time of delivery and completion
      • Controlling of resource allocation

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