Good Questions to Ask Before Starting a Laboratory Automation Project

  • You as a supervisor/ manager or a person in charge (design, development, maintenance, financial, …) may want to ask the following questions from your team or yourself before implementing a laboratory automation/ laboratory testing automation/ test automation project. Answering these questions may help you and your team to make more informed decision to start your automation process.

    Here is a partial list of questions facing supervisors (managers) in charge of implementation of a testing automation project. We may add to this list later in another post.

    • Do you know the exact scope of your project? Big picture vs. details.
    • Have you done your ROI analysis?
    • Have you thought about advantages vs. disadvantage of doing the project?
    • Do you (your team) have the experience, skill sets, capability of doing the project in-house?
    • Do you have a time-frame to accomplish these tasks?
    • Could you break down the implementation into smaller projects?
    • Do you need a prototyping project before starting the actual project?
    • What are the functionalities you are looking for to accomplish with this implementation?
    • How much of budget you can allocate per each functionality?
    • What are your best options to choose an outside integrator/ implementation team? An experienced Lab Automation Integrator / Implementer such as AB Controls could be a good choice.
    • Did you provide feasibility studies for the project in-house? – AB Controls offers a full range of services for implementation of your lab automation project including feasibility study phase.
    • Who are the stakeholders for the initial phase of your project?
    • Does every single function in the application, need a corresponding test associated with it, or just the core functionality?
    • Does every application need a full end to end automation module to be built or just enough to satisfy the quality assurance team?
    • Could team members work on  different modules concurrently?

    The answer differs for every manager/ supervisor , but should always be derived from a clear, continuous, communication between laboratory staff, engineers, development team, clinicians, quality control team and  management in general.

    At AB Controls, we are offering a wide range of services and product to help you to start your Lab Automation Project, we offer a full range of integration, implementation and maintenance solution.

    Call us today at 949-341-0977 or email us at for more details.

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