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  • The Growth of Manufacturing Automation and Collaborative Robots

    Collaborative Robots

    Manufacturing automation has been public since the 1970s. Advances in technology, including robotics, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things have improved manufacturing process since then.

    Collaborative robots (also called cobots) are far-reaching across the industry. Rather than take over for humans completely, cobots can work alongside them to improve efficiency and reduce hazards.


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  • Things you should know before moving your automated platforms to the cloud


    Cloud Computing

    Across “health care, Laboratory Information management systems (LIMS), hospitals, pharmaceuticals, drug discovery research & development”, automated platforms and applications cloud computing (computing on demand via the Internet) has become inescapable.

    Its initial appeal has often been the huge capacity of outside data storage through file-sharing services that now include Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Web Services or Apple iCloud. But software as a service (SaaS) that no longer has to be locally installed is swiftly becoming an even more important part of cloud computing.


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  • Advantages of Automating Laboratory Testing – A Supervisory Perspective

    Laboratory teams are continually looking for ways to better improve their productivity and maximize the long-term value of their testing work.  Many companies are now choosing laboratory automation solutions to boost their work and maximize the efficiency of their testing processes.  Our team at AB Controls has many years of experience building and integrating the latest laboratory automation solutions, and in this post (which is more up-to-date and revised version of an older popular post), we’ll explore more on their benefits and practical applications on : (more…)

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  • AB Controls Now One of the Leading Contract Manufacturing Companies for Precision and Performance

    Sep 21, 2017 – Irvine, CA-based automation specialist, AB Controls is now leading the market as one of the top local contract manufacturing companies. The firm is adept at turning complex concepts into tangible reality, harnessing mechanical, systems and software expertise to complete refined manufacturing processes. The company is known for creating instruments and devices in a consolidated timeframe using 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to ensure high level precision within their manufacturing work. (more…)

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  • Pipette Delivery Robot (Trx)

    At AB Controls, Inc. we are always trying to be on top of our game in terms of integrated technologies and robotics. This blog is not about throwing shameless product promotions, but while I am working on locating break through stories in life sciences, aerospace, pharmacueuticals, and biotech, these will have to suffice. Below we have a video of our Pipette tip robot called Trx:


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  • New Fully Automated Karl Fischer Titration System

    AB Controls, Inc., the premier provider of laboratory automation solutions announces that the new Tix system will offer a fully automated robotic system for conducting Karl Fischer moisture assay. The Tix system is validated for use in lyophilization cycle development, tech transfer between various manufacturing sites, and manufacturing discrepancy investigations.


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