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LabVIEW Developers

We are Certified LabVIEW Developers and National Instruments Alliance Members based in Southern California. Our NI certified engineers, architects, programmers and consultants are experts in Automated Test Solutions development, Real Time (FPGA) Control and Data Acquisition (DAQ) utilizing NI Modules and Toolkits. Our LabVIEW engineering team designs and implements custom automated test equipment (ATE), functional test systems, real-time measurement and control solutions.

LabVIEW Developers
Embedded Design
Embedded applications design, prototyping and development
Industrial Monitoring and Control
Distributed monitoring and control systems development
Control Design and Simulation
Development and analysis of algorithms
Software Development
User friendly, graphical applications development
Image and Signal Processing
Image and signal processing applications development
Report Generation and Data Storage
Store data and generate reports

LabVIEW Services

LabVIEW Real Time Measurement and Control (FPGA)

Implement real-time test, measurement and control solutions utilizing multicore and FPGA technology including

- Event response systems
- Closed loop control systems
- LabVIEW/LabWindows/CVI Realtime software implementation (Development, Real Time and FPGA Modules)
- Real time hardware (NI’s Compact Vision System, Field Point, RIO, PXI and Compact PCI)

Testing Services

- Functional test system development and test solutions engineering
- ATE – Custom automated test equipment design and development
- Custom test fixture design, fabrication and assembly
- Test data management, diagnostics, analysis, documentation and reports
- Digital, analogue and RF test equipment development
- Production test and product validation
- Disciplines – electronic, RF, optical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems
-National Instruments (NI) TestStand programmers for test equipment development and validation

DAQ, Measurement, Control and Integration Services

- Project management – prime or subcontractor
- DAQ - Data acquisition, instrumentation, process monitoring, process control
- Hardware – hardware design
- Technical Consulting - mechanical, electronic, electrical and systems engineering services
- Software - Programming and custom software development (NI LabView, LabWindows, VB, CVI, C++)
- Systems Integration - instrument integration, sensors, software
- Motion Control - robotic automation, controls and workcells for assembly, sorting,
- Machine Vision – vision integration, digital image analysis…
- Qualification – Product, process and design validation, traceability, verification and quality reporting
- Vibration, stress, structural and fatigue testing, monitoring and analysis systems
- Real-time measurement and control (FPGA)

Applicable Industries

- Life Science - Medical device manufacturing/testing, process monitoring/control/validation, lab automation, robotics
- Aerospace and Defense - Military aircraft, satellites, missiles, avionics, cockpit, navigation, radar, actuators…
- Electronics and Telecom - Semiconductors, RF, networking and wireless devices, PCBs, fiber optics, lasers…
- Consumer Products - Consumer product testing, process control, monitoring, custom industrial automation
- Automotive - Automotive product, sensor and component testing for trucks, cars and military vehicles

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