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Cartesian Robots



AB Controls designs and manufactures Apix Cartesian robots for various applications. These are three or four-axis robots providing affordable solutions with unmatched ease of use and functionality. Applications include dispensing, testing, pick and place and material handling.

Features Include:

  • 15 W x 15 L x 6 H is the standard size. However, frames and sizes can easily be customized for your specific requirements.
  • Specialized trays and interface plates can be designed and manufactured to integrate a certain module into the robot.
  • Focus, our robotic and automation software seamlessly controls our Cartesian robot Apix. Various scripting commands have been added to make control of the system a breeze. Additional features and functions can be added by end users or we can add them as customization efforts.
  • The whole automation process is under the control of one or more scripts. The scripts can be modified to perform many useful functions on demand.
  • Using Focus Interface to barcode readers, balances, liquid dispensers, etc.
  • Various axes of motion can be added. For example rotary axes or XY tables.
  • Industries that have benefited from the Cartesian robots are: medical device manufacturing, bio-tech and pharmaceutical production and quality control.
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  • Delivery: 4-6 weeks.


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