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TrackSense is a versatile, flexible and expandable motorized track system. TrackSense is modular and can be installed in minutes. Smart Motor Technology allows expansion up to 90 feet .

Unlike a conveyor system, TrackSense can move accurately to any position on the track on demand. Encoder feedback ensures accurate motion over the entire track length. This makes it possible to connect multiple instruments together on a single track system. Various speed and acceleration profiles can be implemented easily and on demand. We provide two options for control of the track: Our Focus software with scripting tool or Our Focus-On-Test software based on LabVIEW also with scripting capability .

Length: 3 feet to 90 feet.

Carrier load capacity: up to 400 pounds.

Motor: Nema-23 or Nema-34. Smart Motor Servo with encoder feedback.

TEncoder: 4000 counts per revolution.

Track System: Rack and pinion.

Support Rails: Aluminum Extrusion. Various configurations and rigidity levels available.

Software Control: Focus, LabVIEW, FocusOnTest, or drivers for Visual Studio .

Extras: Various Gearbox and motor combinations available to provide torque and speed requirements for the load.

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